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German 2nd Infantry Division
2. Infanterie-Division
German 2nd Motorized Infantry Division
2. Infanterie-Division (mot.)
2nd Infanterie Division Logo.svg
Active 12 October 1937 - 10 January 1941
Disbanded Renamed 12th Panzer Division 10 January 1941
Country  Nazi Germany
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Role Motorized Infantry
Size Division

2nd Infantry Division
2nd Motorized Infantry Division

The German 2nd Infantry Division was created from components of the Reichswehr's old 2nd Division in 1934, at first under the cover name Wehrgauleitung Stettin and later Artillerieführer II; it did not take its real name until October 1935. It was upgraded to 2nd Motorized Infantry Division in 1937, and fought under that name in Heinz Guderian's XIX Corp during the 1939 Invasion of Poland, first in the cut across the Polish Corridor to reach East Prussia, and then as support for the push on Brest-Litovsk. It was then transferred to the west, where it took part in the 1940 Battle of France.

In October 1940 the division was reorganized as the 12th Panzer Division.

Commanding officers[edit | edit source]

  • Hubert Gereke, 1 October 1934
  • Paul Bader, 1 April 1937
  • Josef Harpe, 5 October 1940

References[edit | edit source]

A Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H of the 12th Panzer Division operating on the Eastern Front in the USSR, 1944.

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