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2nd Regiment South Carolina Cavalry
Flag of South Carolina.svg
Flag of South Carolina
Active August 22, 1862 to 1865
Country  Confederate States of America
Allegiance  South Carolina
Type Cavalry

American Civil War

Col. Matthew C. Butler

The 2nd Regiment South Carolina Cavalry was a cavalry regiment made from the Hampton's Legion cavalry Battalion. The 2nd served for most of the American Civil War mounted until the near end when dismounted.


The 2nd South Carolina Cavalry was formed on August 22, 1862 by consolidating the 4th South Carolina Cavalry Battalion and the Hampton's Legion Cavalry Battalion. At formation, the 2nd had ten companies recruited mainly from the low country and the midlands of South Carolina.

Company: Nickname District Captain
A: "Boykin Mounted Rangers" Kershaw Alexander H. Boykin
B: "Beaufort District Troop" Beaufort Abraham M. Ruth
C: "Congaree Mounted Rifles" Richland John H. Meighan
D: "Wassa Massaw Rangers" Charleston Andrew J. Hydrick
E: "Dean's Cavalry" Spartanburg George B. Dean
F: "Easley's Cavalry" Pickens John Westfield
G: "Bonham's Light Dragoons" Newberry J. W. Gary
H: "Congaree Troop" Richland James P. Macfie
I: "Edgefield Hussars" Edgefield Tillman H. Clark
K: "Brooks Troop" Greenville Leonard Williams

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