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Coordinates: 51°33′06″N 19°10′45″E / 51.5516°N 19.1791°E / 51.5516; 19.1791

32nd Air Base (Polish language: 32. Baza Lotnicza ) is a Polish Air Force base, located in Łask, about 30 km south-west of Łódź. It is one of the two bases where Poland's F-16 fighters are stationed, the other being 31st Air Base. 9 of them were first moved there in October 2008.[1] The goal is to have 16 fighters, operated by the 10th Tactical Squadron.

The base airfield was built in 1957. The current base unit, combining infrastructure and ground personnel, was formed in 2001.

In the past there were plans to use this airfield for civilian airliners, but with the expansion of nearby Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport these have been shelved.

A Council has been established for: Development of defence capabilities in the field of crisis management. Promotion and enhancement of European armaments cooperation. Working to strengthen the Defence Technology and Industrial Base and for the creation of an internationally competitive European Defence Equipment Market. Enhancement of the effectiveness of European Defence Research and Technology.

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