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33 Battalion/701 Battalion
SWATF 701 Battalion emblem.jpg
Active 1977
Country Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia, Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg South Africa
Allegiance Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg South Africa
Branch Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa Army,
Type Light Infantry
Part of South West African Territorial Force
Garrison/HQ Mpacha, Northern Namibia
Nickname(s) Eastern Caprivi Battalion
Part of the South West African Territorial Force Insignia of the South West African Territorial Force

33 Battalion or the Eastern Caprivi Battalion, was a light infantry battalion that was part of the SWATF.


33 Battalion was established in 1977 before finally being renamed 701 Battalion.[1] The main base was at Mpacha in Sector 70 or the Caprivi Strip.[2] As part of Sector 70, 33 Battalion took part in operations into Zambia and from 1978 deployed companies into Kavango, Kaokaland and Owambo.[3] From 1983, a company of marines was also attached. 33 Battalion had an attached SWATF armoured car squadron and an artillery battery.[4]

List of casualtiesEdit

1985, Basson, J.L. Cav 1988, Thomas, J.A. Lt [5]



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