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33rd Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom)
Country Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Branch Flag of the British Army British Army
Service history
Active 17 March 1944 - 22 August 1945
1 January 1980 - 1 December 1992
Size Brigade
Part of Independent Brigade
79th Armoured Division
3rd Armoured Division 1980-1992
Battles Second World War
Invasion of Normandy
Le Mesnil-Patry
Operation Charnwood
Operation Pomegranate
Operation Totalize
Rhine Crossing

The 33rd Armoured Brigade was a British Army brigade active in 1944-45, in the 1970s, and in 1980-92.



The brigade was formed in the UK on 17 March 1944 by re-designating of the 33rd Tank Brigade. The brigade took part in the Normandy campaign and landed on Gold Beach on 6 June 1944. The brigade, consisting of three armoured regiments, was assigned to any infantry who were in need of armoured support; because of this mission, the brigade rarely fought as a single unit.

A column of tanks advance from the left to right, each tank following in the preceding tanks track marks.

Shermans of the 33rd Armoured Brigade during Operation Charnwood.

The brigade took part in several actions that comprised the Battle for Caen. On 11 June the brigade took part in fighting at Le Mesnil-Patry. Between 8–9 July the brigade participated in Operation Charnwood; the capture of northern Caen. Supplementing the 59th (Staffordshire) Infantry Division, on 16 July, the brigade took part in Operation Pomegranate, part of the Second Battle of the Odon; an attack launched to divert German attention away from the upcoming Operation Goodwood attack. Following the Battle for Caen the brigade was then involved in the First Canadian Army’s attack towards Falaise; on 8 August the brigade took part in Operation Totalize.

Rhine CrossingEdit

The brigade was reformed and re-equipped with LVT 4 (Buffalo amphibious armoured fighting vehicles) for the Rhine crossing and was placed under the command of the 79th Armoured Division.

Post WarEdit

On 1 December 1977 the brigade was renamed Task Force Echo. Three years later, on 1 January 1980, Task Force Echo was reverted to 33rd Armoured Brigade. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, in December 1992, the brigade was merged with the 20th Armoured Brigade and disbanded as part of the Options for Change programme.


1940 - 1944Edit

Rhine CrossingEdit

1980 - 1992Edit

The Following served with the Brigade during this time.

RHD/G 1 Royal Scots QLR

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