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340th Volksgrenadier Division
340th Volks-Grenadier Division Logo.svg
Active 1944-1945
Disbanded 1945
Country Nazi Germany
Allegiance Heer
Theodor Tolsdorff

The 340th Volksgrenadier Division was a volksgrenadier division of the Heer (German Army) during the Second World War, active from 1944 to 1945.

The division was formed in September 1944, by redesignating the 572. Volksgrenadier-Division, under the command of Theodor Tolsdorff. It contained the 694th, 695th and 696th Grenadier Regiments, and the 340th Artillery Regiment.[1]

The division fought in the Battle of the Bulge, as part of I SS Panzer Corps, and then retreated into Germany as part of XIII SS Corps before finally being destroyed in the Ruhr pocket in April 1945.[1]

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