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35th Infantry Regiment (35e régiment d'infanterie) is an infantry regiment of the French Army. Its origins date back to the formation of the régiment de Nemond in 1604 by a member of the gentry from Lorraine whose surname was Némond. During World War I it was nicknamed As de Trèfle (Ace of Clubs). It is now based at the garrison in Belfort.

Notable figures who have served with the regiment or its predecessors include the brothers Louis and Auguste de Keralio (from 1734 to 1749), Étienne-Charles de Damas-Crux (second in command of the régiment d'Aquitaine on 3 October 1779), Maurice Chevalier (in 1913) and Jean Chrétien Fischer.

Lineage[edit | edit source]

Predecessors[edit | edit source]

  • 1604 : Creation of the régiment de Nemond
  • 1618 : régiment de la Force
  • 1661 : régiment de Durfort-Montgomery
  • 1665 : régiment de Durfort-Rauzan
  • 1670 : régiment Duc d'Anjou
  • 1671 : renamed the régiment d'Anjou
  • 1753 : renamed the régiment d'Aquitaine
  • 1776 : its 2nd and 4th battalions reformed the régiment d'Anjou

35th Infantry Regiment[edit | edit source]

Commanders[edit | edit source]

Ancien Régime[edit | edit source]

1792-1815[edit | edit source]

Bourbon Restoration[edit | edit source]

Second Empire[edit | edit source]

Third Republic[edit | edit source]

World War I[edit | edit source]

World War II[edit | edit source]

1945-present[edit | edit source]

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Service history[edit | edit source]

1792-1815[edit | edit source]

This Regiment participated In Napoleons failed attempt in the invasion of Russia in 1812. After that it was sent to Spain but ordered back To Germany after The Battle Of Vitorria

1815-1848[edit | edit source]

Second Empire and Franco-Prussian War[edit | edit source]

1871-1914[edit | edit source]

World War I[edit | edit source]

1914[edit | edit source]

1915[edit | edit source]

1916[edit | edit source]

1917[edit | edit source]

1918[edit | edit source]

1919-1939[edit | edit source]

World War II[edit | edit source]

1945-present[edit | edit source]

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Bibliography[edit | edit source]

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  • À partir du Recueil d'Historiques de l'Infanterie Française (Général Andolenko - Eurimprim 1969).
  • Lieutenant-colonel Bourdiaux, Histoire du 35e régiment d'infanterie
  • Pascal Collot, L'As de Trèfle sous les orages d'acier, Les Éditions comtoises, 2002, (ISBN 978-2-914425-13-1)

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