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The 36th Tank Brigade was a short-lived armoured brigade of the British Army raised during World War II. The brigade remained in the United Kingdom for its service and did not serve overseas, being disbanded in mid 1943.


The 36th Army Tank Brigade was created in the Second World War on 1 December 1941 by the conversion of the Headquarters of the 205th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home).[1] The regiments in the brigade were all converted from infantry battalions that had been transferred to the Royal Armoured Corps, but they still maintained their own infantry cap badges on the black beret of the Royal Armoured Corps.

On 12 August 1942 the brigade dropped the 'Army' from its title and was redesignated 36th Tank Brigade. Throughout its existence the brigade remained in Eastern Command and in the United Kingdom until 30 July 1943 when the regiments were broken up and the day after, the brigade Headquarters was disbanded.[2]

Order of battle[]

36th Tank Brigade was constituted as follows during the war: [3]


The following officers commanded 36th Tank Brigade during the war: [4]

  • Brigadier R. Morton (until 27 December 1941)
  • Brigadier K.E.S. Stewart (from 27 December 1941 until 24 May 1943)
  • Colonel J.P. Fowler-Esson (Acting, from 24 May 1943)

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