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38 Canadian Brigade Group
[[File:File:38 Canadian Brigade Group (logo).jpg|240x240px|frameless}}||alt=]]
Active 1 April 1997 – present
Country Canada

Canadian Army

Primary Reserve
Type Headquarters
Part of 3rd Canadian Division
Garrison/HQ Winnipeg, Manitoba
Motto(s) Progredere ne regredere (Ever forward never back)[1]
March "March Past of 38 Brigade"
Brigade Commander Col G.D. Whittaker, CD [2]
Colonel-in-Chief CWO Allan J Rishchynski, CD[3]
Abbreviation 38 CBG

38 Canadian Brigade Group (38 CBG) (French language: 38e Groupe-brigade du Canada) is a formation of the Canadian Forces and Canadian Army's 3rd Canadian Division. The brigade group is composed of Primary Reserve units in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Western Ontario east to Thunder Bay. Geographically, 38 CBG is Canada's largest brigade group. The brigade headquarters is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The brigade's units are spread out over many communities, and most of the soldiers serving in the brigade's units are reservists, part-time soldiers who serve within units in those communities. The brigade group's is prepared to deploy and augment the Regular Force of the 3rd Canadian Division in domestic operations (natural disasters, etc.) as well as support Battle Groups.

The brigade has served in several domestic operations, including Operation Assistance (the assistance to the Manitoba's 1997 flood), and Operation Peregrine (assistance to the 2003 BC forest fire emergency). Many soldiers of the brigade deployed to Afghanistan, as well as on UN and NATO missions.[4]

The Commanding Officer of the 38 Canadian Brigade Group is Colonel G.D. Whittaker, CD.[2] The 38 Canadian Brigade Group Sergeant-Major is Chief Warrant Officer Allan J Rishchynski, CD.[3]

Brigade units[edit | edit source]

38 Canadian Brigade Group Winnipeg, MB
38 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters Winnipeg
The Saskatchewan Dragoons Armoured reconnaissance Moose Jaw, SK
The Fort Garry Horse Armoured reconnaissance Winnipeg
10th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA Artillery Regina, Yorkton, SK
26th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA Artillery Brandon, Portage la Prairie, MB
116th Independent Field Battery, RCA Artillery Kenora, ON
38 Combat Engineer Regiment Combat engineers Winnipeg, Saskatoon
38 Signals Regiment Communications Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay
The Royal Winnipeg Rifles Light infantry Winnipeg
The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment Light infantry Thunder Bay
The North Saskatchewan Regiment Light infantry Saskatoon, Prince Albert, SK
The Royal Regina Rifles Light infantry Regina
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada Light infantry Winnipeg
38 Service Battalion Service and support Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay

Also under command of the brigade group headquarters is the 38 Canadian Brigade Group Arctic Response Company Group (ARCG).[5]

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