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The Japanese 39th Infantry Division was formed on June 30, 1939 in Hiroshima. On October 2 it joined 11th Army in central China. The division was assigned to 34th Army in July 1944. In late March to late May, 1945 the division participated in the Battle of West Henan–North Hubei. It joined the Thirtieth Army under the Japanese Third Area Army to defend Manchukuo on July 30, 1945 shortly before the Soviet invasion of Manchuria.

Order of Battle of Japanese 39th Infantry Division 1940[edit | edit source]

  • 39th Division - Lt Gen. Keisaku Murakami [1,4]
    • 39th Infantry Brigade Group:
      • 231st Infantry Regiment
      • 232nd Infantry Regiment
      • 233rd Infantry Regiment
    • 39th Recon Regiment
    • 39th Field Artillery Regiment
    • 39th Military Engineer Regiment
    • 39th Transport Regiment

Sources[edit | edit source]

  • Madej, W. Victor, Japanese Armed Forces Order of Battle, 1937-1945 [2 vols], Allentown, PA: 1981

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