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3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment
3rd 4th Cavalry Regiment.png
Cap badge of 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment
Active 1981 – Present
Country  Australia
Branch Army
Type Line Cavalry
Role Armoured Personnel Carrier
Size One squadron
Part of 3rd Brigade
Garrison/HQ Townsville
Motto(s) Resolute/Tenacious
March Old Comrades/Light Cavalry
Colonel-in-Chief HRH The Prince of Wales
(Colonel-in-Chief, RAAC)
Unit Colour Patch 3-4 Cav UCP.PNG

3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment is an armoured regiment of the Australian Army, and is third in seniority in the Royal Australian Armoured Corps. The regiment was formed in 1981 through the amalgamation of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment and the 4th Cavalry Regiment. Currently there is only one squadron in existence, 'B' Squadron, which is currently part of the 3rd Brigade and is based in Townsville, Queensland. Recent deployments have included Iraq, Afghanistan and Timor Leste. The unit operates the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV).

History[edit | edit source]

3rd Cavalry Regiment[edit | edit source]

The 3rd Cavalry Regiment was formed in beginning of 1967 when, as a result of a re-organisation of the units of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps, the 1st Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadron which was serving in Vietnam at the time, was renamed as 'A' Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.[1] At the same time 'B' Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment was formed in Australia to provide a follow-on force and relieve 'A' Squadron at the end of their tour.[1][2]

As such, both 'A' and 'B' Squadrons of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment would continue this extensive service throughout the remainder of Australia's involvement in Vietnam as part of the 1st Australian Task Force.[1] The rotation of these two squadrons would continue until the withdrawal of Australian forces in 1972.[3] Prior to this, however, when 'A' Squadron was relieved by 'B' Squadron on 13 May 1969,[4] most of its personnel were transferred to 2nd Cavalry Regiment while 'B' Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment finished their tour in country on 6 January 1971 when they were relieved by 'A' Squadron and returned to Australia.[1]

'B' Squadron was subsequently relocated in Townsville to form the Regular Army Squadron presence in the north.[5] They remained at Townsville until they were amalgamated with the 4th Cavalry Regiment in 1981.[6]

4th Cavalry Regiment[edit | edit source]

The 4th Cavalry Regiment was raised in late 1971 at Enoggera Barracks by redesignating 'B' Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment.[7] This squadron subsequently became 'A' Squadron in the new regiment. In 1975, the regiment raised a regimental headquarters and a second squadron, known as 'B' Squadron, to complete its establishment.[6]

Amalgamation[edit | edit source]

In 1981 the decision was made to amalgamate the two regiments to form the 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment.[6] After this, the unit was moved to Enoggera Barracks in Brisbane.[citation needed] On 14 May 1986, while at Enoggera, His Royal Highness Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, presented the 3rd Cavalry Regiment’s guidon to the 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment.[8]

Current status[edit | edit source]

M113 APC of 3/4 CAV on peacekeeping duties in East Timor

Role and structure[edit | edit source]

The 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment currently consists of a single squadron, 'B' Squadron. It is a Regular Army unit based in Townsville and provides armoured transport to the 3rd Brigade and is equipped with Bushmaster infantry mobility vehicles. The unit currently consists of three troops: two line and one support/reconnaissance.[9]

Battle honours[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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