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The 3rd Military District of Vietnam People's Army, is directly under the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam, tasked to organize, build, manage and commander armed forces defending the Red River Delta. The north-West region of Vietnam, borders with the Guangxi of China. In 1979, Chinese army with one infantry division, launched an invasion in this military zone.


  • Headquarters of Staff
  • Logistics Department
  • Technic Department
  • Department of Politics


  • Military Command of Hải Phòng Province.
  • Military Command of Quảng Ninh Province.
  • Military Command of Hải Dương Province.
  • Military Command of Hưng Yên Province
  • Military Command of Thái Bình Province
  • Military Command of Nam Định Province
  • Military Command of Hà Nam Province
  • Military Command of Ninh Bình Province
  • Military Command of Hòa Bình Province
  • Military School of Military Zone (in Chí Linh County of Hải Dương Province)
  • 395th Division (in Yên Hưng County of Quảng Ninh Province)
  • 350th Division (in Ninh Bình Province)
  • 327th Defence Economic Division
  • 319th Construction Company (in Long Biên of Hà Nội)- created on March 7, 1979 as the 319th Defence Economics Division. Present there are 3475 technic workers, 763 technic and manage cadre, of which 573 persons with bachelor degree.
  • 273rd Tank Regiment (in Hải An of Hải Phòng)
  • 242nd Infantry Regiment (in Vân Đồn County of Quảng Ninh Province)
  • 603rd Regiment
  • 405th Tank Regiment
  • 513th Combat Engineer Brigade.
  • 214th Anti-Aircraft Brigade.
  • 454th Artillery Brigade.
  • 7th Army Medical Hospital (subordinate to Department of Logistics)
  • 5th Army Medical Hospital (subordinate to Department of Logistics)


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