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40th Squadron Heli
Sea King Mk48 Tours.JPG
A Westland Sea King of the 40th Squadron Heli
Country Belgium Belgium
Branch Air Component
Role Search and rescue
Garrison/HQ Koksijde Air Base

The 40th Squadron Heli (Dutch language: 40ste Smaldeel Heli , French language: 40 Escadrille Héli) is a helicopter squadron in the Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces. It is dedicated to search and rescue operations. It operates 5 Westland Sea King Mk.48 helicopters, due to be replaced in 2014 with NHI NH90 helicopters.[1] One of the Sea King helicopters, the RS01, has already been taken out of service and another one, the RS05, has been painted in another colour as celebration of 25 years service with the Sea King back in 2001. The unit also operates 3 Alouette III helicopters on behalf of the Naval Component, being deployed regularly as a ship-based helicopters.

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