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42nd Battalion Virginia Volunteer Cavalry
Flag of Virginia (1861–1865).svg
Flag of Virginia, 1861
Active September 1863 – May 1864
Disbanded May 1864
Country Confederacy
Allegiance Confederate States of America Confederate States of America
Role Cavalry
Engagements American Civil War:

The 42nd Battalion Virginia Volunteer Cavalry was a cavalry regiment raised in Virginia for service in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. It fought mostly with the Army of Northern Virginia.

Virginia’s 42nd Cavalry Battalion was organized in September, 1863, by consolidating the 32nd and 40th Battalions Virginia Cavalry. The unit contained eight companies and served in the Department of Richmond. During May, 1864, it contained 216 effectives and in June merged into the 24th Virginia Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel William T. Robins and Major John R. Robertson were in command.

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