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43 (Wessex) Brigade
Active 1914-1944
Country Great Britain
Branch British Army
Type Regional Command
Role Support to the Field Army
Size Brigade
Part of Support Command

The 43rd Infantry Brigade, now 43 (Wessex) Brigade, is a brigade of the British Army.

History[edit | edit source]

The brigade was originally created during World War I as part of the 14th (Light) Division. It was reformed as a Lines of Communication security force in North Africa during the Second World War.

The brigade was redesignated on 9 November 1943 as the 40th Infantry Division for deception purposes. The brigade was in Sicily for "internal security duties on lines of communications". The battalions of the brigade (30th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry, 30 Royal Norfolk and 30 Dorset) "were given brigade designations; and every effort was made to appear to be a division. This included the adoption of a divisional sign featuring the diamond and acord of the Great War 40th Div.; these were made up locally and worn on uniform by the personnel of the 'division'-in reality, three battalions of low medical category men armed with personal weapons only and with a skeleton compliment of transport." (Chappell, p. 23)

The brigade was disbanded, still in Sicily, in June 1944.

In 1985 43rd (Wessex) Brigade was formed as one of the new one star Headquarters principally as a National Defence Brigade commanding the Territorial Army in the south west of England. Due to its south-west location, it assumed the history and badge of the 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division rather than the old 43rd Infantry Brigade. In 1995 the restructuring programme within the British Army saw an increase in the brigade's responsibility to include regional and budgetary aspects working to a new superior headquarters - 3rd Division. The Strategic Defence Review of 1998 further increased the brigade's responsibility and as from 1 April 1999 came under the command of Headquarters 4th Division, and moved from Exeter to Bulford in September 1999 to establish the new Headquarters 43rd (Wessex) Brigade.

43 (Wessex) Brigade was transferred to 4th Division on 1 April 2007, and then came under Support Command in late 2011.[1]

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Future[edit | edit source]

This Brigade is not listed under the Army 2020 plan.

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