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44th Infantry Brigade Combat Team
US Army 44th Infantry Division SSI.png
Country United States
Branch  United States Army
Type Infantry
Size Brigade
Nickname(s) Jersey Blues (Special Designation)[1]
Colors The colors are flag blue and golden orange. These were the colors of the House of Nassau under which the Dutch settled what is now New York and New Jersey. These colors were chosen because the IBCT was formed from units located in this area. The two back to back "4s" represent the unit's numerical designation.
COL Robert Hughes [2]
COL Christopher Schrieks[3]
Combat service identification badge
US Army 44th IBCT CSIB.png

The 44th Infantry Brigade Combat Team is an infantry brigade combat team of the United States Army National Guard of New Jersey. It is headquartered at the Lawrenceville Armory in the Lawrenceville section of Lawrence Township in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States.

50th Armored Brigade[edit | edit source]

The brigade's lineage can be traced back to several different units starting with the 50th Armored Division. The division was disbanded on 1 September 1993 and reduced to the 50th Armored Brigade, which became part of the 42nd Infantry Division.

The 50th Armored Brigade existed up until 2007–2008 when the brigade was converted to the 50th Infantry Brigade Combat Team under the Army's new modularity program. The new force structure consisted of the 1st Squadron, 102nd Cavalry Regiment, the 1st Battalion (Light), 114th Infantry Regiment, the 2nd Battalion (Light), 113th Infantry Regiment, the 3d Battalion, 112th Field Artillery Regiment, the Special Troops Battalion and the 250th Brigade Support Battalion. Equipment was mostly brought up to current Army standards and all heavy/mechanized vehicles and weaponry were given up.

The force structure of the Brigade was changed again in 2015, in accordance with the Army's latest Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) for IBCTs. The new force structure now consists of a third infantry battalion, the 1st Battalion, 181st Infantry Regiment headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts. Additionally, the 50th Brigade Special Troops Battalion was converted to the 104th Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB).

44th Infantry Brigade Combat Team[edit | edit source]

On 15 June 2017, the 50th IBCT was reflagged as the 44th IBCT as a tribute to its heritage of belonging to the 44th Infantry Division.[4]

The 44th Brigade Combat Team is the major unit of the New Jersey Army National Guard. The 44th Brigade Combat Team has three light infantry battalions, one field artillery battalion, one cavalry squadron, an engineer battalion, and a support battalion.[5]

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