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45th Cavalry Regiment
Flag of India.svg
Active 1941-1946, 1965-present
Country India
Branch Army
Type Armoured Regiment
Garrison/HQ Pathankot (Mamoon Cantt)
Nickname(s) Paintalis Risala
Motto(s) Veer Bhogya Vasundhara
(The World is for the Brave)
Equipment T-55 T-55 Main Battle Tank
Engagements Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Battle of Garibpur
Decorations Indo Pak War '71 - Maj D S Narang MVC (Posth.), 2Lt S Chandravarkar SM (Posth), Maj H S Puri SM, Ris RP Singh, vrc
Battle honours Darsana
Unit pin 100 px

The 45th Cavalry Regiment is an Indian Army armoured unit. It was first created during World War II and was active from 1941 to 1946. It was raised in April 1941 at Meerut, (originally from Sikhs & Pathans from the 13th Lancers, Scinde Horse & Guides Cavalry), and equipped with Stuart Tanks. They served in Burma as part of 50th Indian Tank Brigade, entered Burma in December 1944 in the Arakan, returning in March 1945 to India to upgrade to Sherman’s but were disbanded in April 1946. It was reformed in 1965 and is currently stationed in Pathankot (Mamoon Cantt) India. The unit took part in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 in East Pakistan (now independent Bangladesh), under the command of 9th Infantry Division.[1]

The regiment was then equipped with Russian PT-76 amphibious light battle tanks and fought in the Battles of Garibpur, Kushtia and Jessore[citation needed].

In peacetime, the regiment was based at Kanchrapara in the 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, in its amphibious role, although "C" Squadron was re-equipped with T-55 Main Battle Tanks.

In due course, the aging warhorses, the PT-76 tanks, were phased out and the 45th Cavalry Regiment was finally fully reequiped and subsequently converted all its squadrons to the up-gunned version of the T-55 MBT.

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