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48th Infantry Brigade
Active 1941–present
Country British India, India
Branch Indian Army
Part of 7th Infantry Division
Engagements Burma Campaign, Occupation of Goa, 1962 Sino-Indian War
Brigadier T R Henry
Colonel G L Blight

The 48th Indian Infantry Brigade was an infantry formation of the British Indian Army and then of the Indian Army.

It was formed in October 1941, at Secunderabad in India and assigned to the 19th Indian Infantry Division. It was then transferred to the 17th Indian Infantry Division and fought in the Burma Campaign. It was attached to the 1st Burma Division in April 1942.[1]

It was serving with 17th Indian Division when it was disbanded January 1947 in Burma. The brigade then returned to India as an independent brigade; it was located at Dhond in August 1947. (Renaldi and Rikhye 2011, 168)

On 15 Nov 1960 it was assigned to the new 17th Inf Division at Ambala. Took part in the 1961 Indian annexation of Goa that December. Oct 1962: 17th Infantry Division. It came under command 4th Inf Div during 1962 war with China. 1965: 7th Inf Div. Dec 1971: 7th Inf Div. (Renaldi & Rikhye 2011, 161)

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