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49th Field Artillery Battalion
Active 1933
Country United States
Branch Army
Type Field artillery
Motto(s) Iterum iterumque (Again and again)

The 49th Field Artillery Battalion was a field artillery battalion of the U.S. Army.

History[edit | edit source]

Lineage[edit | edit source]

Constituted 1 October 1933 in the Regular Army as the 49th Field Artillery.

Redesignated as the 49th Field Artillery Battalion, assigned to the 7th Infantry Division (United States), and activated at Fort Ord, California 1 June 1941.

Inactivated 20 July 1947 at Seoul, Korea.

Activated 20 March 1949 at Jimmachi, Honshu, Japan. (49th Coast Artillery Battalion consolidated with the 49th Field Artillery Battalion 28 June 1950).

Relieved from the 7th Infantry Division and inactivated in Korea 1 July 1957

Consolidated with the 44th Field Artillery, 7 November 1969.

Current units[edit | edit source]

Consolidated with 44th artillery

Coat of arms[edit | edit source]

  • Shield

Per Chevron enhanced gules and argent, on the last a bear's head erased and incensed proper.

  • Crest


  • Background

The scarlet is the Field Artillery, The silver of the shield in conjunction with the scarlet is indicative of the preparedness of the battalion night and day. The firing functions are allegorically illustrated by the incensed bear's head, being representative of the state of activation, California, taken from the crest of that state.

Campaign streamers[edit | edit source]

World War I

  • St. Mihiel
  • Alsace 1918
  • Lorraine 1918

World War II

  • Aleutain Islands (with arrowhead)
  • Northern Solomons
  • Eastern Mandates
  • Leyte
  • Ryukyus (with arrowhead)

Korean War

  • UN defense
  • UN offensive
  • CCF intervention
  • First UN counteroffinsive
  • CCF Spring offensive
  • UN summer-fall offensive
  • Second Korean winter
  • Korea summer-fall 1952
  • Third Korean winter
  • Korea summer 1953

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Army Institute of Heraldry website http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/Heraldry/ArmyDUISSICOA/ArmyHeraldryUnit.aspx?u=220.

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