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49th Indian Brigade
Country British Raj Red Ensign.svg British India
Branch Flag of Imperial India.svg British Indian Army
Allegiance British Crown
Service history
Active 15 March 1917 – 20 January 1918
Size Brigade
Part of Independent
Battles First World War
Sinai and Palestine Campaign

The 49th Indian Brigade was an infantry brigade of the British Indian Army that saw active service with the Indian Army during the First World War. It served as an independent formation in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign but was broken up early in 1918.


The 49th Indian Brigade was formed in March 1917 by the Egyptian Expeditionary Force. It served in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign as an independent formation. It did not take part in any significant battles and was broken up in January 1918.[1]

Order of battleEdit

The brigade had the following composition in the First World War:[2]


The brigade was commanded throughout its existence by Brigadier-General E.R.B. Murray.[1]

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