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49th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
Country Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Nazi Germany
Branch Army
Service history
Active February 1944 – November 1944
Role Infantry
Size Division
Battles World War II
The 49th Infantry Division (49. Infanteriedivision) was a Division of the Wehrmacht during World War II.


The 49th Infantry Division was formed in February 1944 as a reserve division formed in Braunschweig. It later moved to Boulogne-sur-Mer and saw combat just a few months later in Northern France. It participated in the battle by the Mons. In October the division was un-organized and re-organized by reserve fortress regiments. In November the division was part of the Battle of Aachen. After the battle it was disbanded.[1]


Organization of the division in 1943:[2]

  • 148th Grenadier Regiment
  • 149th Grenadier Regiment
  • 150th Grenadier Regiment
  • 149th Artillery Regiment
  • 49th Fusilier Battalion
  • 149th Tank Destroyer Battalion
  • 149th Engineer Battalion
  • 149th SignalBattalion
  • 149th Divisional Supply Group

Organization of the division in 1944:[1][2]

  • 302nd Infantry Regiment
  • 505th Infantry Regiment
  • 1423rd Fortress Infantry Battalion
  • I Landwehr Fortress Battalion
  • VI Landwehr Fortress Battalion
  • XI Landwehr Fortress Battalion
  • XVIII Landwehr Fortress Battalion
  • 31st Fortress Machine-Gun Battalion
  • 57th Fortress Machine-Gun Battalion


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