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The 4th Army Corps of the French Army was formed in 1873 at Le Mans under Général Édouard-Jean-Étienne Deligny. On mobilisation in 1914, it came under control of the Third Army and comprised the 7th and 8th Infantry Divisions.

The 7th Inf Div consisted of the 13th Brigade with the 101st and 102nd Infantry Regiments and the 14th Inf Bde with the 103rd and 104th Infantry Regiments. Also part of the Division was a squadron of the 14th Régiment de hussards, the 25e régiment d'artillerie de campagne, and the 1st Engineer Regiment.

The 8th Inf Div had the 15th Brigade (124th and 130th Infantry Regts) and the 16th Brigade (115th and 117th Infantry Regiments) plus the 31e régiment de hussards. Corps units included the 315th and 317th Infantry Regiments, 14e régiment de hussards, 44e régiment d'artillerie de campagne and the 6e régiment du génie.

The 60th Infantry Division also came under the command of the corps during the war.

After the war, from 11 to 20 February 1919 it was commanded by General Marie Jean Auguste Paulinier.

During the 1940 Battle of France the 4th Army Corps was part of the French First Army Group's First Army, and included the 32nd Infantry Division. On 10 May 1940 corps headquarters was at Le Cateau under General de corps d'armee Boris; 15th Infantry Division headquarters was at Chauny.

Second World War[edit | edit source]

Composition[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant General Paul-Andre Doyen commanded the corps in 1945-46.[1]

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