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PWRR Capbadge
|240x240px|frameless}}|Capbadge of The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment|alt=]]
Active 2017—Present

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom

  • Flag of England.svg England

Flag of the British Army.svg British Army

Role Infantry
Size Battalion
Part of 7th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters East
Nickname(s) 4 PWRR

The 4th Battalion, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment or (4 PWRR) is an reserve battalion of the British Army. The battalion was formed as part of the Army 2020 refines along with another reserve battalion attached to The Rifles.


Under the Army 2020 refines the battalion was to be formed and attached to the 7th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters East with their headquarters at Crawley. The battalion was designated as a "reserve light infantry battalion".[1][2] The battalion was later paired with the 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment.[3]

The battalion saw their first deployment to Oksboel, Kingdom of Denmark along with other reserve Danish Army units on Excercise Viking Star.[4]


The battalion's structure is now as follows:[5][6]


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