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4th Medical Battalion
4th Medical Battalion insignia
Country United States
Branch USN & USMC
Type Medical
Part of 4th Marine Logistics Group
Marine Forces Reserve
Motto(s) "Ministerium Ante Ipse"
Service Before Self
Engagements Operation Iraqi Freedom

4th Medical Battalion is unit of the United States Marine Corps, staffed by personnel from both the United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy that provides medical support to United States Marine Corps forces. The unit is based out of San Diego, California and falls under the command of the 4th Marine Logistics Group and the Marine Forces Reserve.


To provide direct and general Health Service Support (HSS) to Marine Forces Reserve in order to sustain the combat effort. Secondary mission is to provide security for the Shock Treatment Platoons.

Subordinate units[]

  • Headquarters and Services Company – San Diego, CA
  • Surgical Support Company Alpha – North Versailles, PA
  • Surgical Support Company Bravo – Washington, DC
  • Detachment Headquarters and Services Company – Orlando, FL
  • Detachment Surgical Support Company Alpha – Knoxville, TN
  • Detachment Surgical Support Company Bravo – Newport News, VA


4th Medical Battalion was deployed as a whole in 2003 in support of operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon arrival to Kuwait the forces supported the mission. Since then the unit has been actively deployed in support of operations in Iraq. In 2006 reservist from San Diego H&S Detachment mobilized for combat operations in the Anbar Province of Al Fallujah,Iraq with 1st Battalion-24th Marines,Weapons Company. Also in September 2007, reservists from 4th Medical Battalion deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as part of Combat Logistics Battalion 4, Combat Logistics Battalion 8, Surgical Company Bravo, Al Taqqadum Surgical, Camp Fallujah and Camp Taqaddum. These members returned in late March and demobilized while more reservists from the battalion deployed to replace those stationed at TQ and Korean Village. As of May 2010, Many of the reservist from H&S Company have volunteered for duty in Afghanistan, with Provisional MP Company and PSD. Regardless of rank and MOS, reservist at 4th medical Battalion continue to move forward and volunteer for deployment.

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