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The 4th Mountain Artillery Regiment Italian language: 4° Reggimento Artiglieria da Montagna ) was a field artillery regiment of the Italian Army, specializing in mountain combat. Since their formation the Mountain Artillery Regiments have served alongside the Alpini, a mountain infantry corps of the Italian Army, that distinguished itself in combat during World War I and World War II. The Alpini and Mountain Artillery regiments share, besides their close history, the distinctive Cappello Alpino.

The regiment was constituted in 1934. The regimental motto was: "Su tutte l'erte e sopra ogni cima". It consisted of the following units:

  • 4th Mountain Artillery Regiment HQ based in Cuneo
    • Command Company in Cuneo
    • "Pinerolo" Alpine Artillery Group in Beinette
      • Nappina artiglieria 7 btr.png 7th Battery in Beinette
      • Nappina artiglieria 8 btr.png 8th Battery in Borgo San Dalmazzo
      • Nappina artiglieria 9 btr.png 9th Battery in Boves
      • Ammunition and Supply Company in Crava
    • "Mondovì" Alpine Artillery Group in Mondovì
      • Nappina artiglieria 10 btr.png 10th Battery in Villanova Mondovì
      • Nappina artiglieria 11 btr.png 11th Battery in Mondovì
      • Nappina artiglieria 12 btr.png 12th Battery in Villanova Mondovì
      • Ammunition and Supply Company in Magliano Alpi
    • "Val Po'" Alpine Artillery Group in Piasco
      • Nappina artiglieria 64 btr.png 64th Battery in Boves
      • Nappina artiglieria 72 btr.png 72nd Battery in Piasco
      • Nappina artiglieria 73 btr.png 73rd Battery in Verzuolo
      • Nappina artiglieria 116 btr.png 116th Battery in Boves
      • Ammunition and Supply Company in Manta

The regiment was sent with the 4th Cuneense Alpine Division to fight in the Soviet Union during World War II and was destroyed during the Soviet Operation Little Saturn in January 1943. 379 of the Regiments 3,897 men survived the Soviet offensive; none of the soldiers of the Artillery Group Mondovì survived.

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