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4th Shock Army
Active 1941–1945
Country USSR
Allegiance Soviet Union
Branch Regular Army
Type Shock Army
Role Combined Arms
Part of Military District
Engagements Toropets–Kholm Offensive
Nevel-Gorodok offensive
Polotsk Offensive
Vitebsk–Orsha Offensive
Rezhitsk-Dvina offensive
Riga offensive
Memel offensive
Courland blockade
Marshal of the Soviet Union Andrey Yeryomenko

4th Shock Army was a Combined Arms Army of the Soviet Armed Forces during World War II.

The Army was formed from the 27th Army on 25 December 1941 (Ist formation) within the Southwestern Front. On 1 October 1942 and it included 249th, 332nd, 334th, 358th and 360th infantry divisions, 21st infantry brigade, a number of separate tank battalions, 66,67,68,69 separate ski battalions, artillery and other subunits.

Combat participation path during World War II[edit | edit source]

comprising 249th, 332nd, 334th, 358th and 360th rifle divisions, 21, 39, 48 and 51st rifle brigades, two tank battalions, 2 rocket launcher divizions, 2 RGK artillery regiments

Battle composition[edit | edit source]

4th Shock Army separate reserve battalion airfield services (4 March 1942 to 28 April 1942). Reformed as the 832th separate battalion airfield services 28 April 1942.[2]

  • 320 separate ski-destroyer battalion
  • 262 - 266 separate ski battalions (February to May 1942) [3]

Commanders[edit | edit source]

The members of the Military Council[edit | edit source]

Chiefs of Staff[edit | edit source]

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