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4th Tank Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
Chi-Nu 4th Tank Division
Type 3 Chi-Nu tanks of 4th Tank Division
Country Flag of Japan (1870–1999).svg Empire of Japan
Branch Imperial Japanese Army
Service history
Active 1944–1945
Nickname 鋼=Hagane (Steel)
Battles World War II

The 4th Tank Division (戦車第4師団 Sensha Dai-yon Shidan?), was one of four armored divisions of the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II.


The 4th Tank Division was raised on July 6, 1944. Similar to the German Panzer-Lehr-Division, it was created out of the training departments of the Armor School, Cavalry School, Field Artillery School and Military Engineering School of the Imperial Japanese Army Academy, its remaining students and staff. Assigned to the IJA 36th Army, it was assigned to the defense of the Japanese home islands against the projected Allied invasion.

The 4th Tank Division was officially demobilized in September 1945 with the rest of the Imperial Japanese Army, without having seen combat

Commanding officerEdit

Name From To
1 Lieutenant General Shiori Nagura 8 July 1944 12 August 1945
2 Major General Prince Kanin Haruhito12 August 1945 16 August 1945
3 Lieutenant General Shiori Nagura16 August 1945 30 September 1945

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