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The 4th Tank Regiment was a unit of the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II.


The 4th Tank Regiment was created in 1934 by an upgrade of the 4th Tank Battalion.[citation needed] The 4th Tank Regiment participated in the Battles of Khalkhin Gol against the Soviet Union in 1939. The commander was Tamado Yoshio, and the 4th Tank Regiment was brigaded into the 1st Tank Corps with the 3rd Tank Regiment, the group under the overall command of Major General Yasuoka. The 4th Tank Regiment at that time was equipped with mostly light tanks, complementing the medium tanks of the 3rd Tank Regiment. The 4th Tank Regiment order of battle at this time was:[1]

The 4th Tank Regiment was part of the forces used for the Japanese conquest of Luzon in the Philippines, and the conquest of the Java and Sumatra in 1942. For the campaign, it was under command of Lieutenant Colonel Kumagaya, and consisted solely of 38 Type 95 light tanks with five captured US M3 Light tanks.[2]

Thereafter, the 4th Tank Regiment remained stationed in the Dutch East Indies for the rest of the war.[citation needed]


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