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The 4th Territorial Army Corps previously the 4th Army Corps was a corps of the Romanian Land Forces active from at least 1941 to 2000.

General of Army Corps Constantin Prezan transferred from command of the 3rd Army Corps (Romania) in 1914 to command of the 4th Army Corps in 1915-1916.

The 4th Army Corps was active during the most intense phases of Romanian actions on the Eastern Front of World War II. On June 22, 1941, it was part of the Third Army (Romania) and comprised the 6th and 7th Infantry Divisions. By the time the Siege of Odessa was underway, it was part of the 4th Army (Romania), with the 8th and 14th Infantry Divisions under its command.[1] By October–November 1942, approaching the Battle of Stalingrad, it comprised the 1st Cavalry Division and 13th Infantry Division (Romanian Artillery p. 148)

In 2000 4th Army Corps was reformed from 4th Army (Romania), and became 4th Territorial Army Corps "Mareşal Constantin Prezan" (Corpul 4 Armată Territorial "Mareşal Constantin Prezan"). By 2008 it comprised the 18th Infantry Brigade, 81st Mechanized Brigade, 61st Mountain Troops Brigade, 4th Logistics Base, 69th Mixed Artillery Brigade, 50th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, plus combat service support battalions.[citation needed] Corps headquarters was located at Cluj-Napoca.

However, the corps was again redesignated 4th Infantry Division (Romania) on June 15, 2008.


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