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5.2 cm SK L/55 gun
Type Naval gun
Place of origin German Empire
Service history
In service 1906—TBC
Used by German Empire
Wars World War I
Production history
Designed around 1905[1]
Weight 386 kilograms (851 lb) kg[2]
Length about 2.87 meters (9 ft 5 in)[2]

Shell Fixed
Shell weight 3.86 pounds (1.75 kg)[2]
Caliber 5.2 centimeters (2.05 in)
Elevation -5 to +20 degrees[1]
Rate of fire 10 rounds/min[1]
Muzzle velocity 850 m/s (2,800 ft/s)
Effective range 7.100 m @ 20 degrees elevation[1]

The 5.28 cm SK L/55[Note 1] was a German naval gun that was used before and during World War I on a variety of mounts, in torpedo boats and cruisers.

Design and descriptionEdit

The 5.2 cm SK L/55 gun was designed around 1905, and used fixed ammunition. It had an overall length of about 2.86 m (9 ft 5 in).[1]


This gun was installed in several torpedo boats and cruisers of the Imperial German Navy, as well as in some torpedo boats ordered by the Royal Netherlands Navy, among them:

During World War I it was sometimes replaced with larger guns (as the 8.8 cm L/30, 8.8 cm L/35 or 8.8 cm L/45), while in turn replaced the less powerful 5 cm L/40 gun in some older torpedo boats.[1]

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  1. SK - Schnelladekanone (quick loading cannon); L - Länge (length); /55 - with a 55-caliber-long barrel



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