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504 Squadron (Portugal)
File:Dassault Falcon 50, Portugal - Air Force JP6405947.jpg
Dassault Falcon 50 of 504 Squadron
Country Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal
Branch Portuguese Air Force
Service history
Active January 12, 1985
Role Transport
Part of Operational Group 61
Nickname Linces (Lynxes)
Motto «Entre gente remota edificaram»
Website Esquadra 504
Commanders Lt. Col. Sérgio Lino de Almeida Estrela[1]

504 Squadron "Linces" (Esquadra 504) is a special transport squadron of the Portuguese Air Force (PoAF). The unit operates the Dassault Falcon 50, and is based at Air Base No. 6, in the Montijo Municipality, and also operates from the Lisbon Portela Airport.

The squadron is responsible for VIP transport of high level government officials, medical evacuation, urgent transport of human organs for transplant, and verification and calibration of navigational aids.[1]


The squadron was officially formed on January 12, 1985, at Air Base No. 6 (Portuguese language:Base Aérea Nº 6 , BA6) upon the purchase of three Dassault Falcon 20, from Federal Express in 1984, for the transport of high level officials of the Portuguese government.[1]

Two Dassault Falcon 50 were later acquired in 1989 and one more was purchased in 1991 to reinforce the squadron's aircraft fleet.[2]

Starting from 1990 the squadron was permanently detached to the Transit Airfield No. 1 (Portuguese language:Aeródromo de Trânsito Nº 1 , AT1) in Lisbon.[2]


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