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508th Air Refueling Squadron Shield Strategic Air Command.png
Emblem of the 508th Air Refueling Squadron
Active 1953-1957
Country  United States
Branch  United States Air Force
Role Air Refueling

The United States Air Force's 508th Air Refueling Squadron was an air refueling unit that operated the Boeing KB-29 at Turner AFB, Georgia. It was last active on 1 July 1957 Established in 1953 to provide strategic air refueling for the 508th Strategic Fighter Wing. Advances in technology soon made escort fighter wings obsolete. A single atomic bomb had more explosive power than all the conventional bombs dropped during all of World War II, so only one of them could certainly destroy a target far more effectively than a formation of bombers. SAC's missions were based on the use of an individual airplane, not a formation of them.

Lineage[edit | edit source]

608th Bombardment Squadron

  • Constituted as the 608th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) on 15 February 1943
Activated on 1 March 1943
  • Disbanded on 10 April 1944[1]
  • Reconstituted on 19 September 1985 and consolidated with the 508th Air Refueling Squadron as the 508th Air Refueling Squadron[2]

508th Air Refueling Squadron

  • Constituted as the 508th Air Refueling Squadron, Strategic Fighter ca 4 November 1953
Activated on 25 November 1953
Inactivated 1 July 1957
  • Consolidated with the 608th Bombardment Squadron on 19 September 1985 as the 508th Air Refueling Squadron, Heavy[2] (remained inactive)

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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