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50th Armoured Regiment (India)
Country India India
Branch Indian Army
Allegiance India
Service history
Active 1987 – present
Size Regiment
Motto Digvijay (Conqueror of the Universe)

50th Armoured Regiment is an armoured regiment which is part of the Armoured Corps of the Indian Army.[1] The regiment was raised on 7 September 1987 by Lt Col A.K. Bhatia at Ahmednagar with the designation of ad hoc Mainttenance Group 'A' which was changed in July 1989 to 50th Armoured Regiment .[1] The regiment was one of the few armoured regiments to be raised with T-72 tanks. The first Colonel of the Regimentwas Lt Gen A.S. Sandhu.[1] It was involved in internal security duties during Operation Rakshak[1]

Cap badgeEdit

The regiment cap badge consisting of crossed lances with pennons, topped by a "mailed fist" or gauntlet facing right, and, the numeral "50" enclosed in a horseshoe and inscribed on the crossing of the lances. The horseshoe rests on a tank track with wheels. A scroll at the base has the regimental motto inscribed in Devanagari script on it.[1]

The shoulder title consists of the numeral "50" in brass.[1]


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