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50th Independence Anniversary Commemoration Medal
Medal, obverse
Awarded by Sri Lanka
Type Commemorative medal
Eligibility All regular and volunteer ranks of the Military of Sri Lanka in active service on 4 February 1998
Awarded for Service
Status No longer awarded
Clasps None
Established 1998
First awarded 1998
Last awarded 1998
Next (higher) President's Inauguration Medal
Next (lower) Desha Putra Sammanaya
50th Independence Anniversary Commemoration Medal.svg
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The 50th Independence Anniversary Commemoration Medal (Sinhala: ස්වර්ණ ජයන්ති පදක්කම swarna jayanthi padakkama) was a military decoration awarded by the Military of Sri Lanka to servicepersons of all actively serving ranks in both the regular and volunteer forces in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Sri Lanka's Independence from the United Kingdom, on the 4 February 1998.[1][2] A formal recommendation from service commanders was required for the award of the medal.[1]

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