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55th Mixed Aviation Division
Country Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet Union
Branch Soviet Air Forces
Service history
Active 1941-1942
Battles World War II
The 55th Mixed Aviation Division was an Aviation Division of the Soviet Air Forces during World War II.[1]


The division was formed on 25 February 1941 in the Leningrad Military District.

It formed part of the 'operational army' from 22.06.1941 to 07.03.1942.

On 22.06.1941 the division headquarters was in Petrozavodsk. The formation of the division was not completed, and it consisted of only the 72nd High-Speed Bomber Aviation Regiment, which was composed of 34 serviceable Tupolev SB fast medium bombers. On 27 June 1941, the division was reinforced by 33 I-16s of the 155th Fighter Aviation Regiment. It operated from the beginning of the war in the area of Lake Ladoga and Byelomorsk. On 25 July 1941 the division made a raid on Finland, losing one flight of nine planes, one of them knocked her. In general, the division launched strikes against ground forces of the enemy and provided air support to Soviet troops.

At the end of August 1941 the division included 88 serviceable and 15 defective aircraft.

The division was disbanded on 7 March 1942.



Date Front (Military District) Army Corps Notes
22.06.1941 Northern Front 7th Army - -
01.07.1941 Northern Front - - -
10.07.1941 Northern Front 7th Army - -
01.08.1941 Northern Front 7th Army - -
01.09.1941 Karelian Front - - -
01.10.1941 - 7th Separate Army - -
01.11.1941 - 7th Seprate Army - -
01.12.1941 - 7th Separate Army - -
01.01.1942 - 7th Separate Army - -
01.02.1942 - 7th Separate Army - -
01.03.1942 - 7th Separate Army - -



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