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5th Guards Armoured Brigade
Active 1941-1945
Country United Kingdom
Branch Armour
Engagements North West Europe Campaign

The 5th Guards Armoured Brigade was a Second World War British Army formation, a component unit of the Guards Armoured Division.


This brigade was converted from the 20th Infantry Brigade (Guards) on 15 September 1941. It was stationed in the United Kingdom until 30 June 1944 when it arrived in Normandy as part of the Guards Armoured Division. The brigade served throughout the North West Europe Campaign. On 12 June 1945 it was converted to the 5th Guards Brigade.


  • Brig.W.A.F.L. Fox-Pitt
  • Lieut.Col. R. Myddleton
  • Brig. C.M. Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn
  • Brig. Norman Wilmshurst Gwatkin 1943-45

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