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5th Hussar Regiment
Etendard du 5e régiment de hussards (verso).jpg
The regimental standard, photographed in 1918
Active 1783-1992
Country France
Branch French Army
Type Regiment of Hussars
Role Light cavalry
Garrison/HQ Laon 1980.
Couvron 1984.
Nickname(s) Légion de Lauzun (1780)
de Lauzun (1783)
Motto(s) Perit sed in armis (they die arms in hand)
March Eugènie
Anniversaries 24 June 1859 (Solférino)
Saint George
Engagements American Revolutionary War, the French Revolutionary Wars, Napoleonic Wars, Mexico Expedition, First World War
Decorations Croix de guerre 1914-1918 with palm
Médaille d'or de la Ville de Milan
Battle honours Valmy 1792
Iéna 1806
La Moskova 1812
Solferino 1859
Puebla 1863
Lorraine 1914
Champagne 1915
La Marne 1918
Duc de Lauzun

The 5th Hussar Regiment (5e régiment de hussards or 5e RH) was a French Hussar regiment.

In The Ancien Régime[edit | edit source]

It was formed under the Ancien Régime. It was the last regiment created under the monarchy. It particularly distinguished itself during the American Revolutionary War.

  • 1 September 1778: Creation of the Navy's foreign volunteer corps, mainly composed of eight mixed legions to participate in the war against Great Britain[1]
  • 5 March 1780: The 2e Légion des Volontaires Étrangers de la Marine changed its name to be the 2e Légion des Volontaires Étrangers de Lauzun, or the Légion de Lauzun. This unit was present in the United States of America from July 1780 to May 1783.
  • 14 September 1783: The unit became known as the Régiment de Hussards de Lauzun.[2]

The American War Of Independence[edit | edit source]

The 5th Hussar Regiment was the child of the 2e Légion des Volontaires Étrangers de la Marine, or the Légion des Volontaires Étrangers de Lauzun, created on 5 March 1780 which took part in the American Revolutionary War from 1780 to 1783. This mixed unit (one company of grenadiers, one company of infantry, two squadrons of Hussars, and one company of gunners) left Newport, Rhode Island in July 1780 and spent the winter in Lebanon, Connecticut.

The Légion de Lauzun became famous during the Siege of Yorktown, mainly before Gloucester on 3 October 1781, where they chased down the champion of the battle, a British cavalry led by Colonel Banastre Tarleton. The legion stayed in the United States of America, first in Hampton, Virginia, then in February 1782 in Charlotte Court House, Virginia, before they were moved in July 1782 to New York. The legion left the United States in May 1783.

The Régiment des Hussards de Lauzun, number 6, was officially created on 14 September 1783 in Hennebont, when the Légion de Lauzun des États-Unis returned.

The French Revolutionary Wars[edit | edit source]

  • 1 January 1791: All regiments were renamed by their type and numbered by their seniority. The unit became 6th Hussar Regiment.
  • June 1793: The unit was renamed the 5th Hussar Regiment after the majority of the soldiers moved to the 4th Hussar Regiment.

The Napoleonic Wars[edit | edit source]

The 19th Century[edit | edit source]

  • 1825: Renamed again to the 5th Regiment of Hussars

French intervention in Mexico[edit | edit source]

The Modern Age[edit | edit source]

  • 1921: Dissolved
  • 1951: Recreated in Koblenz as the 5th Hussar Regiment
  • 1976: Transformed into the 3rd Dragoon Regiment
  • 1980: Recreated as the Reserve Regiment of the 5th Hussar Regiment

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Royal order made on 1 September 1778
  2. Royal order made on 14 September 1783

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