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62nd Motor Rifle Division
Active 1972-1989
Country Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet Union
Branch Soviet Army
Type Motorized infantry
Garrison/HQ Itatka
The 62nd Motor Rifle Division was a motorized infantry division of the Soviet Army. It was originally formed as a mobilization division in 1972 but became a regular division months later. It became a storage base in 1989 and was disbanded in 1994.[1]


The 62nd Motor Rifle Division was activated on 31 January 1972 in Maykop, part of the 12th Army Corps. It was an unmanned mobilization division and its equipment was co-located with the 9th Motor Rifle Division. In May, the division became a regular unit and moved to Itatka, Tomsk Oblast. It became part of the 33rd Army Corps. During the Cold War, the division was maintained at 23% strength. On 1 October 1989, it became the 5352nd Weapons and Equipment Storage Base. In June 1991, the base became part of the Siberian Military District and was disbanded in 1994.[1]


In 1988, the division included the following units.[1]

  • 1092nd Motorized Rifle Regiment
  • 1099th Motorized Rifle Regiment
  • 1100th Motorized Rifle Regiment - equipped with BTR
  • 107th Tank Regiment
  • 619th Artillery Regiment
  • 676th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment
  • 1258th Separate Missile Battalion
  • Separate Anti-Tank Artillery Battalion
  • 1263rd Separate Reconnaissance Battalion
  • Separate Engineer-Sapper Battalion
  • 1770th Separate Communications Battalion
  • Separate Chemical Defence Company
  • 685th Separate Equipment Maintenance and Recovery Battalion
  • Separate Medical Battalion
  • Separate Material Supply Battalion


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