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The Sixth Army (French language: 6eme Armée) was a field army of the French Army during World War I and World War II.

World War I[]

The Sixth Army was formed 26 August 1914, composed of troops from various disparate French armies: two active army corps, the (4th and 7th respectively detached from the Third Army and First Army, the 5th and 6th groups of reserve divisions, the 45th and 37th Infantry Divisions, a native brigade and a cavalry corps.

France would end up contributing three corps to the opening attack of the Battle of the Somme (the 20th Army Corps, I Colonial and 35th Corps of the Sixth Army).[1]


World War I[]

World War II[]

  • General Antoine-Marie-Benoît Besson (2 September 1939 - 16 October 1939)
  • General René Olry (16 October 1939 – 13 February 1940)
  • General Robert-Auguste Touchon (13 February – 1 July 1940)

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