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The 6th Battalion, (Fort Garry Horse) CEF was a battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War. It was authorized on 10 August 1914, and embarked for Britain on 29 September 1914. It formed the nucleus of the Remount Depot on 20 January 1915, and the remainder of the battalion's personnel were absorbed by the Canadian Cavalry Depot, CEF, on 6 March 1915 to provide reinforcements for the Canadian Corps in the field. The battalion was disbanded on 5 April 1918.[1]

The battalion recruited in Portage la Prairie, Roblin, Pipestone and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and Pincher Creek, Alberta and was mobilized at Camp Valcartier, Quebec.[2]

The 6th Battalion was commanded by Lt.-Col. J.G. Rattray[2]

The battalion was awarded the battle honour "THE GREAT WAR 1914-15."[2]

The 6th Battalion, CEF is perpetuated by the 12th Manitoba Dragoons, currently on the Supplementary Order of Battle.[1]

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