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6th Special Operations Squadron
6th Special Operations Squadron patch

The 6th Special Operations Squadron (6 SOS) is part of the 1st Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field, Florida. It is a combat aviation advisory unit.


Assess, train, advise, and assist foreign aviation forces in airpower employment, sustainment and force integration.[1]


The 6th flew combat missions in the China-Burma-India Theater from, 17 October 1944 – 8 May 1945.[2]

It again flew combat missions from 1 March 1968 to 15 November 1969 in Southeast Asia. The squadron went on to conduct replacement training for US and allied pilots in A-37 Dragonfly aircraft from January 1970–September 1974.[2]

Since 1994 the squadron has sent advisers to help US-allied forces employ and sustain their own airpower resources and, when necessary, integrate those resources into joint and multi-national operations.[1]


  • Streamer WWII V

World War II

  • Streamer VS

Vietnam War


  • 6th Fighter Squadron, Commando (1944–1966)
  • 6th Air Commando Squadron, Fighter (1966–1968)
  • 6th Special Operations Squadron (1968–1972)
  • 6th Special Operations Training Squadron (1972–1994)
  • 6th Special Operations Flight (1994)
  • 6th Special Operations Squadron (1994–Present)


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