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708th Volksgrenadier Division (Wehrmacht)
Country Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Nazi Germany
Branch Army
Service history
Active May 1941 - August 1944
September 1944 - February 1945
Size Division

The 708th Volksgrenadier Division (German: 708. Volksgrenadierdivision), formerly the 708th Infantry Division (German: 708. Infanteriedivision) was a German army division active during World War II. It took part in Operation Northwind, where it was subsequently destroyed.

Operational historyEdit

The 708th Infantry Division was formed from men around Strasbourg in Wehrkreis VIII.


The 708th Division was reactivated in September 1944 as a new Volksgrenadier division, and placed under the leadership of Major Hans-Ludwig Kuhlenkampff on the 10th. The division was sent to occupy and defend Czechoslovakia from the Soviet advance. After two months, the division was sent to the western front as part of the LXIV Army Corps, with Lieutenant Colonel Johannes Marahrens taking over as commanding officer the following January. The division was destroyed the following month in the "Colmar Pocket".[1]


  • Colonel General Walter Drobenig (May 1941 - March 1942)
  • Lieutenant General Hermann Wilck (March 1942 - July 1943)
  • Major General Edgar Arndt (July 1943 - August 1944)
  • Colonel Bruno Gerlock (Acting commander, August 1944)
  • Colonel Edgar Bleckwenn (November 1944 - February 1945)

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