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715th Independent Reconnaissance Squadron
Country Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg Yugoslavia
Branch Yugoslav Air Force
Service history
Active December, 1949 – February, 1952
Role Reconnaissance
Part of 37th Aviation Division

The 715th Independent Reconnaissance Squadron (Serbo-Croatian: 715. samostalna izviđačka eskadrila / 82. самостална извиђачка ескадрила) was an aviation squadron of Yugoslav Air Force formed in December, 1949 by order from July 24, same year at Pleso airfield.

Squadron was part of 37th Aviation Division. By war timetable it supposed to be part of 103rd Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment. It was equipped with Soviet-made Petlyakov Pe-2 bomber aircraft.

By February, 1952 squadron was disbanded and with 184th Light Night Bomber Aviation Regiment it has formed 184th Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment.[1]



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