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7 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
7 Light Anti-aircraft regiment emblem
SANDF 7 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment emblem
Country Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa
  • Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg Republic of South Africa
  • Flag of South Africa.svg Republic of South Africa
Service history
Active 1 April 1969 - present
Part of
Insignia Bursting grenade with seven flames

7 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment is a reserve force regiment of the South African Army Air Defence Artillery Formation.


With the reorganisation of the Citizen Force in 1959/60, the headquarters and three independent anti-aircraft batteries were combined into one regiment known as the University of Cape Town Regiment.

The regiment mobilised during the state of emergency during that period and was equipped with 3.7 inch guns. The regiment was organised with three batteries of two troops each with a radar troop.

7 Light Anti Aircraft [1] was raised from its mother unit, UCTR, on 1 April 1969, when excess personnel from Cape Garrison Artillery was absorbed.

Command AffiliationEdit

Initially the regiment was assigned to 7 South African Infantry Division, but with the raising of 9 Division, it was transferred to the new organisation.

Regimental SymbolsEdit

Previous Dress InsigniaEdit

SADF 7 Light Anti aircraft Regiment Flash

Freedom of the CityEdit

The regiment received the freedom of Goodwood on 31 March 1990.[citation needed]


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