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7th Canadian Infantry Division
7 Canadian Infantry Division patch.png
7th Canadian Infantry Division formation patch
Active 1942–1945
Country Canada
Branch Canadian Army
Type Infantry
Major General P.E. Leclerc

The 7th Infantry Division of the Canadian Army was mobilized in the spring of 1942 and assigned for home defence within Atlantic Command.

At the time is was assumed it would consist of volunteers and proceed overseas. By the summer of 1942 it became obvious that there would not be enough volunteers, so National Resource Mobilization Act (NRMA) conscripts were assigned to the regiments of the Division to bring their numbers up the war establishment strength.

This meant that the Division could only be used for home defence, unless the Parliament of Canada ruled that conscripted men could be sent overseas. Two brigades were assembled in the early fall of 1942 in Camp Debert in Nova Scotia with the third at Camp Sussex in New Brunswick.

Order of battle[edit | edit source]

May 1942

16th Canadian Infantry Brigade

17th Canadian Infantry Brigade

18th Canadian Infantry Brigade

Aug 1942

15th Canadian Infantry Brigade

17th Canadian Infantry Brigade

20th Canadian Infantry Brigade

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