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7th Virginia Regiment
Active 1776-1783
Allegiance Continental Congress of the United States
Type Infantry
Part of Virginia Line
Engagements Battle of Brandywine,
Battle of Germantown,
Battle of Monmouth,
Siege of Charleston,
Waxhaw Massacre
Col. William Dangerfield (2/29/1776-8/13/1776; resigned),
Capt. Thomas Posey (3/20/1776-3/10/1783)
Col. William Crawford (8/14/1776-3/4/1777; resigned),
Col. Alexander McClanachan (10/17/1776-5/13/1778; resigned),
Lt. Col. Holt Richeson (5/14/1778-9/14/1778; transferred to 5th Virginia Regiment),
Col. William Russell (9/14/1778-1/1/1783)

The 7th Virginia Regiment was raised on January 11, 1776 at Gloucester, Virginia for service with the Continental Army. The regiment would see action at the Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown (after which it wintered at Valley Forge[1]), Battle of Monmouth and the Siege of Charleston. Most of the regiment was captured at Charlestown, South Carolina on May 12, 1780 by the British and the regiment was formally disbanded on January 1, 1783. A 3rd Virginia Detachment made up of the 7th Virginia Regiment was at the so-called Waxhaw Massacre in 1780.

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