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82 Mechanised Brigade (South Africa)
SADF 82 Brigade Flash
82 Mechanised Brigade emblem
Country Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg South Africa
Branch Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa Army
Allegiance Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg South Africa
Service history
Active 1974–1992
Part of South African Composite Brigade
Nickname 82 Mech
Battles South African Border War
Insignia SADF 8 Mech Beret Badge

82 Mechanised Brigade was a Formation of 8th South African Armoured Division, a combined arms force consisting of infantry, armour and artillery.



82 Mech[1] was established on 1 August 1974 as part of 8th South African Armoured Division, an armoured formation. By 1977, the Brigade comprised:

Structure SADF 82 Mechanised Brigade circa 1988

Structure SADF 82 Mechanised Brigade circa 1988

Divisional TransferEdit

In 1985, 82 Mechanised Brigade was transferred to 7 Division.

South West Africa and AngolaEdit


As part of 7 Division, 82 Mech was primarily involved in:

During Operation Packer[2] which succeeded Operation Hooper in March 1988, 82 Mechanised Brigade protected the eastern bank of the Cuito River. During this operation the FAPLA forces suffered losses and the situation on the eastern bank stabilised to such an extent that Operation Displace could start. During this phase the South African forces withdrew from Angola.[3]


8th South African Armoured Division’s Brigades were disbanded in 1992 and the battalions and regiments came to answer directly to the divisional headquarters - the thinking was that these would be grouped into task forces as required.



SADF Mechanised Infantry Operational Badge

82 Mechanised Brigade Operational Badge, field and office versions

SADF 82 Brigade Stapel Belt

SADF 82 Brigade Stable belt

SADF 82 Mechanised Brigade Pin

SADF 82 Mechanised Brigade Pin

Roll of HonourEdit

  • Fincham, D.R. 1982
  • Coleby, D.N. Sgt 1983

Honoris Crux RecipientsEdit

  • Lewis, M.J. WO, 12 Sept 1990
  • Du Plessis, R. S Sgt, 12 Sept 1990


  • Colonel Tobias Johannes Van Schalkwyk (1983)
  • Colonel Paul Fouche (1988)

Further developmentsEdit

82 Mech Brigade can be considered the Citizens Force version of 61 Mech, encompassing similar battlegroup or Task Force principles.



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