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93. Panzerlehrbattaillon
Badge of the 91st Armoured Training Battalion
Active 1956–Present
Country  West Germany
Branch  Germany Army
Role Armoured Training
Size Battalion
Part of

1st Panzer Division

Oberstleutnant Michael Wagner

The 93rd Armoured Training Battalion (91. Panzerlehrbataillon) is an armoured training battalion of the Bundeswehr.

History[edit | edit source]

On 3 April 1953 the first armoured training battalion was formed, the Panzerlehrbattalion. In 1959 the battalion was redesignated as 93. Panzerlehrbataillon. In 1997 the battalion moved to Freiherr von Boeselager Barracks where they are stationed to this day. Since 2000 the battalion has deployed on:

In 2016 the battalion gained their new badge, by the branch color "pink" and the stylized main battle tank can already be seen at a great distance, that it is a Panzerverband.  The stylized "L" immediately makes clear the relation to the only existing armored teaching battalion of the Bundeswehr and the Panzerlehrbrigade 9 as well as the proximity to the "sister battalion" Panzergrenadier teaching battalion 92 in our home town of Munster. The crossed Niedersachsenrösser express the "storm-solid and earth-grown" connection to the state of Lower Saxony and the garrison Munster.

Organisation[edit | edit source]

The organisation of the battalion is as follows:

  • Battalion Headquarters
  • 1st Company (Supply and Support)
  • 2nd Company
  • 3rd Company
  • 4th Company
  • 5th Company (Reserves Company)

Sources[edit | edit source]

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