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965th Airborne Air Control Squadron
965th Airborne Air Control Squadron.jpg
965th Airborne Air Control Squadron Patch
Active 16 February 1943 - 1 May 1944
3 September 1944 - 3 November 1945
8 August 1955 - 30 June 1971
1 July 1978 - Present
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Type Airborne Command and Control
Part of Air Combat Command
12th Air Force
552d Air Control Wing
552d Operations Group
Garrison/HQ Tinker Air Force Base
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The 965th Airborne Air Control Squadron (965 AACS) is part of the 552d Air Control Wing at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. It operates the E-3 Sentry aircraft conducting airborne command and control missions.

Mission[edit | edit source]

Provide the Combat Air Force with airborne systems and personnel for surveillance, warning and control of strategic, tactical, and special mission forces.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

During World War II the squadron was an operational training unit from, March–August 1943 and conducted replacement training from, August 1943–May 1944. After a brief inactivation it flew evacuation missions and provided light transport services for ground forces in Burma from, 6 October 1944 – 23 April 1945.[2]

The 965th flew long range surveillance, late 1950s and rotated aircrews to Southeast Asia from, c. 4 April 1965–c. June 1971. It flew combat support missions over Panama from, 20 December 1989 – 24 January 1990 and in Southwest Asia from, 17 January–6 March 1991.[2]

Operations[2][edit | edit source]

Lineage[2][edit | edit source]

  • 595th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (1943–1944)
  • 165th Liaison Squadron (Commando) (1944–1955)
  • 965th Airborne Early Warning and Control Squadron (1955–1978)
  • 965th Airborne Warning and Control Squadron (1977–1994)
  • 965th Airborne Air Control Squadron (1994–Present)

Assignments[2][edit | edit source]

Bases stationed[2][edit | edit source]

Aircraft Operated[2][edit | edit source]

B-17 Flying Fortress UC–64 Norseman L-5 Sentinel
B-17 Flying Fortress
C-64 Norseman
L-5 Sentinel
RC-121 EC-121 Warning Star E-3 Sentry
EC-121 Warning Star
E-3 Sentry
(1978–1979, 1984–Present)

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