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9 South African Infantry Battalion
Country Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa
Branch Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa Army
Type Motorised infantry (seaborne)
Part of South African Infantry Corps
Garrison/HQ Cape Town, Western Cape
  • Fortiter et fideliter (Boldly and faithfully)
  • Ebenhaeser (Thus far the Lord has led us)
Battle honours

9 South African Infantry Battalion is a motorised infantry unit of the South African Army, designated seaborne.


What was previously known as the South African Cape Corps (SACC) (Afrikaans language: Suid-Afrika Kaapse Korps (SAKK)) was renamed the 9 South African Infantry Battalion (9 SAI) in 1992.

On March 31, 1992 all SACC units were disbanded. The next day 9 SAI was established in their place. No reason for the name change was ever given. It was also during this time that the Special Forces were renamed, a decision later reversed by President Nelson Mandela and Defence Minister Joe Modise, who saw nothing wrong with the nomenclature.[1]


9 SAI BN was the South African battalion deployed in Burundi in early 2006. All the companies were deployed in different provinces of Burundi and started projects such as upgrading hospitals, repainting school buildings, repairing the roofs, donating sports equipment to schools, sharing food with the local population and participating in different sports with the local population, the national police and the Burundi Defence Force.[2]


Amphibious motorised infantry.

Home baseEdit

Eerste River, Western Cape

Battle honours[lower-alpha 2]Edit


  • Fortiter et fideliter (Boldly and faithfully)
  • Ebenhaeser (Thus far the Lord has led us)

Roll of HonourEdit


  • 1965 – Arnolds,J.A., Sea [3]:23
  • 1987 – De Bruin,F., Rfn [3]:298
  • 1984 – Douwrie,D.A., Rfn [3]:366[lower-alpha 4]
  • 1978 – Engledoe,G.J., Rfn [3]:431
  • 1984 – Gouws,P., Cpl [3]:519[lower-alpha 4]
  • 1987 – Morris,R., Sgt [3]:986
  • 1983 – Prins,D., Cpl [3]:1176[lower-alpha 4]
  • 1987 – Roman,S.L., L-Cpl [3]:1226
  • 1983 – Van der Westhuizen,J.A., Rfn [3]:1574
  • 1991 – van Wyk,A., Rfn [3]:36630
  • 1984 – Wildschutt,J.J.J., Rfn [3]:1664

1 SACCEdit

2 SACCEdit

  • 1990 – Arendse,D., Rfn [5]:22
  • 1988 – Botha,J.N., Rfn [5]:135

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